Cool Gamer Room Color Schemes 2021: 11+ Modern Design Ideas For Small Home Office Gaming Setup

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What is the best color scheme for your home office gamer room setup?

Colors can be engaging, helping to direct you to whatever you think is most important in the room. When used properly, the wall color sets the tone of a space, helps you to relax, get focused or excited.

Many gamers these days work from home, and complained that they find it difficult to feel enjoyable in the same chair for gaming after long hours of working in front of the computer.

If your gaming room doubles as your home office, then you want to create the possibility of having two atmosphere – one for gaming another one for working.

The easiest way to achieve this will be to have two zones: home office zone with the desk and a proper office chair, plus another gaming zone with beanbag on floor and TV monitor on wall.

What if your home office gaming room is very small hence two separate areas is impossible? Then you need to design two sets of lights to be used under these two different situations. The change of room color will help change your mood for different activities.

So when you are planning for the color scheme of your home workspace gaming room, you are really planning for two sets of color schemes.

Understand now? Here are some inspirations for you to start planning.


Orange is the color of summer and spring. It represents joy and enthusiasm. Orange LED light color looks very bright and refreshing in the dark gaming environment. It is less common for gaming room color scheme but looks totally cool and unique.


White color makes the small gamer room look brighter and bigger. It represents cleanliness and purity. With white color scheme decided you can still play with the texture of the walls. Glossy white may cause too much reflection to your monitor(s), matt white is standard and neat, textured white hides dirt the best.


In color psychology, gray means elegance, neutrality and balance. It may sound dull but that is why it works well with almost any other color of your choice as background.


Blue color gives the feeling of coldness, calm, corporate and masculinity. Instead of having blue gaming room walls you can easily turn a white, gray or black gamer room into blue by turning on the blue LED lights. Yes, the result will be as cool as those popular Tiktok aesthetic rooms!


To many gamers green color symbolises Xbox. If you are having a Xbox themed small gaming room then neon green should be your first choice. If you prefer a more calm home office gaming environment then try dark green, teal, turquoise, forest green, lime green, hunter green etc.


Red color is a strong color that represents excitement, love, lust, anger, as well as warmth. To avoid overpower of the red color in the small gamer room, try

  • using red color only on one wall,
  • having neutral color walls such as black, white, and gray.
  • highlighting the room with red LED light decor, red gaming chair and other red color gaming accessories.


Black gaming room is mystery, magical and helps you to get focused with your games. It will hide the details and sense of edges of the space. The only disadvantage is a dark color scheme usually makes the tiny gaming room looks and feels even smaller.


If you want your gamer room looks less like a gaming room but more like a warm family home office, then a creamy beige color scheme can be perfect for you.


Pink color gaming room is kawaii and cute. It will work very well with tones of white or/and purple colors. If a pink wall paint sounds too much, then you can still make the room more pink by having a pink bed cover, pink rug, pink extra large mouse pad and pink furniture. Do not forget about all your posters, tapestry, and figure collections. You need all these elements with your Tiktok LED lighting to complete the desired aesthetic.

If pink on pink, or pink on white gamer room is too girly for you, then try pink on black. Pink and black as a gaming room color scheme looks confident, sharp and smart.

White & Black

White and black is a really easy to handle color scheme, you will find many options for gaming accessories in both colors. Consider having a white gaming room with one black wall in front of your monitor to help you stay focused with work/games, or having a white gaming room with all black furniture and flooring. The best thing about a black and white room color scheme is you can have a completely different look when you turn off the ‘normal’ room lighting and switch on the ‘gaming mode’ LED lights.

Black, White & Wood

If you like a rustic tough, then try mixing more plants and raw wood elements into your black and white gaming room color scheme. This color scheme looks less modern but more cozy for a home office gaming setting.

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