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Are you struggling to find spaces to promote your products, websites, content, or services? SmallGreatRoom is one of the top-ranking blogs for a variety of high potential keywords in niches, including interior design ideas, home decoration items, special event ideas, and gifts for anyone. We accumulate most of our traffic from SEO with the majority of our viewers coming from the US. By advertising with us, you will be able to reach a large demographic of interior designers, interior decorators, homeowners, event managers, architects, and anyone who is looking for gift options for their loved ones. Now that you know who you will be targeting as the audience, we are here to help you spread the word to them.


SmallGreatRoom offers 250 x 250 banner on the sidebar, which is much larger than the standard 125 x 125 advertisement. You will be able to target our audience with ease with a clear, large banner visible on their mobile screens on every page of the blog! 

If you are interested, simply provide us a jpg of your banner and a do-follow link. 

The advertisement space costs US$35 per month. 

Guest Post

Are you an experienced, professional English writer who is interested in publishing your unique articles related to interior design ideas, special event ideas, home decoration items or gifts for anyone? Are you having trouble finding the perfect blog to do so? now offers guest posts that will stay for as long as the site exists. Consider these few requirements before submission. SmallGreatRoom welcomes articles with more than 500 words and one do-follow link each in your bio and post. Please don’t submit inappropriate content that is violent, pornographic, or hateful. Also, a reminder that the content becomes our property once submitted, meaning we will have the right to the final edit. 

For the price, it will cost US$147 per guest post. 


We only accept payment through Paypal in US dollars. Please note that there are no refunds on paid and delivered ads. The performance isn’t guaranteed as it depends on ad copy and design.

You can learn more about the opportunities and proceed with payment HERE.


Feel free to email us if you have any questions or for submission of your work through the Contact Us page.

We will get back to you shortly.

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